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About Members of the Scottish Parliament (MSPs)


What issues an MSP can help you with

Contacting someone else who represents you about your issue

Why you have 8 MSPs

How MSPs are elected

How to become an MSP

Contacting someone else who represents you about your issue

As well as your MSPs, you also have people representing you in:

  • your local council - these are councillors
  • UK Parliament - these are Members of Parliament (MPs)
  • European Parliament - these are Members of the European Parliament (MEPs)

When contacting someone else who represents you

Please include:

  • your postcode, along with the rest of your contact details
  • a brief description of the problem
  • suggestions on what can be done to sort out the problem or issue if you have any


You're represented by 3 or 4 councillors and you can contact any of them for help.

Contact a councillor if you want to discuss services in your local area. These include local public transport, rubbish collection or disputes with your neighbours.

Your councillor can offer help with:

  • education services, for example getting your child into a school
  • registering to vote
  • parks and leisure services
  • planning decisions and licences
  • social care services
  • waste and recycling

Find your local councillor on the website.

Members of Parliament (MP)

People sitting in the House of Commons chamber in the UK Parliament The Palace of Westminster in London, home to the Houses of Parliament in the UK

You're represented by one MP in the UK Parliament.

Contact your MP if you want help with something related to the following issues:

  • defence
  • employment
  • immigration and visas
  • international development
  • trade and Industry

You can also contact your MP about issues related to social security and tax that are not covered by the Scottish Parliament.

Find your MP on the UK Parliament website.

Member of the European Parliament (MEP)

People sitting in the debating chamber at the European Parliament in Brussels Aerial view of the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium

You're represented by 6 MEPs in the European Parliament. They represent you wherever you live in Scotland. Your MEPs represent your interests, and those of Scotland, in the European Union (EU).

You can contact an MEP if you want help raising any of these issues at a European level:

  • agriculture and fisheries (for example, how Genetically Modified Organisms get labelled)
  • consumer protection – your rights when buying products or services (for example, how much you pay for mobile phone calls abroad)
  • environment (for example, how clean our air and water are)
  • equalities (for example, how many hours employees in the EU can work)
  • immigration (for example, deciding who can gain legal residence in the EU)
  • trade and industry (for example, setting safety standards for manufactured goods)

Find your MEP on the European Parliament website.