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Parliamentary debates and questions

S5W-06708: Anas Sarwar (Glasgow)

Scottish Labour

Date lodged: 30 January 2017

To ask the Scottish Government when it will provide a substantive answer to question (a) S5W-05507, (b) S5W-05508, (c) S5W-05509, (d) S5W-05510, (e) S5W-05511 and (f) S5W-05512, which received a holding response on 16 January 2016, and what the reason is for the delay in providing the information.

Answered by: Shona Robison 24 February 2017

The Scottish Government provided an answer to questions (a) S5W-05507; and (b) S5W-05508 on 31 January 2017.

Questions (c) S5W-05509, (d) S5W-05510, (e) S5W-05511 and (f) S5W-05512 were answered on 6 February 2017.

The delay in answering these questions was due to ascertaining that the Scottish Government held no further relevant information.