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Parliamentary debates and questions

S5W-15746: Mark Griffin (Central Scotland)

Scottish Labour

Date lodged: 29 March 2018

To ask the Scottish Government whether the £152,210.25 gain that is referred to in the document, “You’ve Earned It” Benefit Uptake Campaign – October 2017 Evaluation Report, represents the total gain to date or is the annual gain based on awards.

Answered by: Jeane Freeman 17 April 2018

The figures used to calculate the Client Financial Gain are calculated relevant to the length of the award. In some cases these are one-off payments. When awards are for on-going benefits these have been calculated up to a maximum of 52 weeks.

The Client Financial Gain figure is based on confirmed awards for individuals who engaged with a Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), either in person or by phone, and who referenced campaign activity as the reason for their initial engagement.

The figure is only completely confirmed awards and is not based on any extrapolation. That is because CAB advisers only record a gain once the client has confirmed the award direct with them.

The actual figure therefore is likely to be more as it does not include awards to people who engaged with the Citizens Advice Service due to the campaign but didn't go back to the service to confirm an award was successful. It is also expected to increase as CAB advise that it can take many weeks or even months to go through the process following a CAB intervention, and they only record a gain once the client has confirmed the award.