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Parliamentary debates and questions

S5W-16333: Christine Grahame (Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale)

Scottish National Party

Date lodged: 2 May 2018

To ask the Scottish Government what funding and assistance is in place for people under 65 who have advanced Alzheimer’s.

Answered by: Maureen Watt 17 May 2018

NHS Health Scotland and Alzheimer Scotland provide free resources aimed at people with young onset dementia. NHS Health Scotland’s report Dementia and equality – meeting the challenge in Scotland includes an assessment of the potential barriers to a dementia diagnosis and to services for individuals under 65, with a number of recommendations flowing from that assessment, focussing on areas such as improving service pathways and the skills and knowledge of the workforce. As part of The Scottish Government's 2017-2020 National Dementia Strategy, there is a specific commitment to support implementation of the NHS Health report.

The post-diagnostic support is designed to help the person with dementia and their family adjust to the diagnosis, connect more effectively to the range of services and supports available, both in localities, nationally and online, and make plans for further care options. It is a person-centred service, built around the specific needs of the person with dementia and for people with advanced dementia it will respond to advanced symptoms and care needs. The provision and funding of dementia post-diagnostic services is the responsibility of Integration Joint Boards.

In line with our national HEAT Standard, everyone newly diagnosed with dementia , including those diagnosed under the age of 65, is entitled to be offered a minimum of a year of post-diagnostic support coordinated by a named and appropriately trained Link Worker. This service offer applies to individuals diagnosed at all stages of dementia.

The Scottish Government will extend free personal and nursing care to everyone under 65 - including those with all forms of dementia including Alzheimer's - in 2019.